Monday, February 17, 2014

Six Steps to write a successful novel

First: How do I get the raw material?

The writer must have a spirit child who discovers the things around it for the first time many of the naive and often daring and many desire for knowledge, not merely consider transit keeps on firing questions and maximize the gumption and the importunity, and never to satisfactory answers exactly as they are not fond of those answers.

No writer can be a normal human going through things and events, unnoticed in the fray cares everyone disengagement or at least continue Blida only writer. It has eyes and faces threats even swearing and cursing is eagerly lurks the fear in the eyes and cowardice and defeatism or might and bullying might remember a similar position or inspired him with the idea of ​​the story or thoughts doesn't matter to be close or far from the event maybe this same brawl in one of his works in all its details and maybe jumped on to the idea of ​​a conflict of power, or even conflict.

The writer is riding public transport, not overpopulated hustle as others but devours the people around him and the thief finds reflection marks of mistrust to a narrow view of the driver and bite him, and finds the simple working back from his exhausted and had cost him the race and the agriculture selling butter inside the bus and see. And see. For the article that leans on it while the initiate action.

According to one author, "tip test your intuition and discernment. Develop your vision of creatures and objects, for more information please see-all the while-like you see for the first time. Habitual vision kills things embalm her, out of the normal routine, and cocoon to be a unique ".

He did not see the dirty beggar and his unemployment and his clothes tattered, but may consider it unjust society and economic corruption but also poor homeland, and the general good is a writer who is fluent in listening to go over all of everything around him, nature and human beings, people, animals and inanimate objects.

Second: every story you write read 10 books

The writer must read and read and read and read again. This is not a duplicate but to different readings that do not enrich one another read and read and read the knowledge advantage and the strengths and weaknesses that a good writer is a good basis for connoisseur and critic well knows how to understand artwork, while admired the artistic value and know how could a writer that bestows and contributing to give it that value.

Not read here read literature, but reading in sports, politics, economy, history and other Humanities is the balance we must add you, and according to French writer during reading wondering: "what endeared this book? What do you dislike? Why raise it here and move the strong grief? How the author applied the style that? Is it smooth or complex method, ambiguous or unclear? How was the building and engineering, are disguised dialogues and narratives, is lean and pale untold thirst and don't saturate curiosity? ".

Third: what you want to say?

Have something to say no matter what this thing could have an opinion or idea, or philosophy, or an invitation or a warning or even a "joke", but this could be the thing is zilch. But it is important that this is clear in the mind of her nothingness, we do not mean only the author could reflect young lost his goal and lost in relation to life, choose a writer that writes do not give something and not be only piles of words and letters to convey to the audience the feeling of loss and fragmentation that Kafka Zionist writer named by the nightmarish, because what he is trying to engage the reader with him suffering and tight and this was all about, and not just the success of the French author says "Jean Genet": "what a sorrow! Nothing to do with Kafka, the more experienced and I walked away I approached him about it"; the man succeeded in thwarting the read transfer nightmare, although this seems to some a bad goal, we must move away from the book's objectives the objectives rated good and evil goals simply because they are their goals and they are free.

IV: where do you write?

House at the foot of the mountain or beach rural isolated room or cafe on a busy square. No matter the condition of the quality of the writing and its place is provided sterile is not successful. Simply because everyone somehow fitting and explosion has, some require a place set and some may write on the bus that the poet as hope Dental and great writers such as James Nathan who write the show covers cigarette, maybe take one paper from the sidewalk who walks beside him to quickly record what danger his texts.

And you, o creator promising type in the place you wish to sit, don't assume anyone who paid attention not precedent to advise you on such partial written but sitting on upscale Office and salary and the pots with flowers ripe, as Robert Malcolm . And do not write only sitting on the sofa hard as was Janet would like to dictate to a Secretary, clerk or insist on writing in the corner of the kitchen, as Virginia Woolf did not require writing only: "an isolated corner and a Chair and a desk for writing, and reportedly posted that much written on edges noted train tickets, on the contrary, the bigeye was not to create only when leased shops the and accommodation, to be able to write, the bottom line is that if you think will come out in any circumstances And under any pressure and if there is something, whatever you do, given circumstances, believe me will be tired and would not reap anything.

VA: be the Narrator want?

Different types of story where the Narrator, Narrator can be a hero writer starts talking was the hero, wears its trousers and sleeps in bed, talking and exercising habits and hobbies. Lagging in speech or limping during which loves to eat meat and watch airs Pawlak American West.

And can be written by raconteur, is merely an honest mandate will movements of ducks



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