Thursday, February 20, 2014

Require language to become an effective instrument, as one of the most important tools a psychological impression the recipient of natural persons or legal entities, highly sensitive and directed, in order to create a sound image, far from the distractions or separation between them and the nature of the things expressed, not only in just a diminishes write misspellings and grammar, but also the content shows safety and compatibility with the expressed.

No longer tolerate pace of our time, of any defective or delayed in drafting the expressive content of things; for the daily input of the individual, through social networking sites, TV, SMS, or even Street ads, at a high rate, it became difficult for him to deliver his person and his mind to everything passes, picking many people wet vault sense, so pay attention and are affected by the rule that requires them to their consistency with the profile or product, in terms of style and vocabulary and concept.

It can for example be "concise" acceptable for a product or person, people need to know about it a lot, and can not be "verbosity" unchecked in order to "fill the space" is also acceptable, especially if the thing that you want to apply it is unlikely all of this hype come often counterproductive, to the recipient's sense of being a "brainwashing" in the sense of his badness.

The receiver in the Arab world now, with being able to open up to different streams of cultural production globally became more sensitive to artificial or fillers or the traditional language of communication employed either in advertising or CV or description of the activities of companies and institutions, and more mature in the sense of this sensor in the receiver marked acceleration, which cast upon us the importance of understanding the need to review the drafting styles and writing or projects, ensuring the balanced equation, combining good promotion, receiving notice of honesty at a time Itself, bearing in mind the importance of not the tyranny of any party in the equation to the other party and only misfire balance article formulated.


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